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Fiddle Gnome Homes and a Trio of Turtles

Images from the forest
Natural wisdom of the forest

Lessons from Masonry on Resilient Interdependency: Rocket Mass Heater Discussions with Erica & Ernie Wisner

That’s the problem with looking for strength rather than resilience in a building material. Every traditional building method is a system where all the parts are doing certain, multiple jobs for each other. As you change to a new material, it takes time to develop the system of all the detailing that needs to be done so that new material gets to deliver what it has promised without creating problems.

around ~38:00 of “Building a Cob Style Rocket Mass Heater” from Permies.com

You want it to be plumb… Masonry is the art of stacking everything so gravity becomes your glue. …doesn’t matter what arch you’re making, what bridge you’re making, it’s held together by gravity…all those stresses are going down to the ground, not out to the side, …”

around ~50:00

Bushcraft and whispers of culture

I begin giving thanks to the source, to the indigenous people of the land I’m in, and to the indigenous people of the ancestry I’m from.

Lest we forget, forests can provide for all our basic needs as humans. It may not be easy but it is true, and tight knit nutrient cycles remind us of our arboreal foundations.

This guy (Primitive Technology channel on YouTube) and bushcraft have been a huge inspiration for me. Whether that inspiration shapeshifts into homesteading or what, I have it near and dear to my heart.

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Modular Air Prune Beds #1: Planning and Gathering Bed-Box Supplies

After harvesting many hazelnuts, I set out to build portable-sized, modular air prune beds to propagate trees. I followed inspiration from Twisted Tree Farm and Edible Acres. I built one air prune bed before and it works but I learned a lot I’d change from the process: deeper sides, sturdier sides and no need to fuss with building handles as I had before. I also use gifted premade air prune beds for apple and pawpaw seedlings and am happy to have them!

I started by revisiting the videos by Twisted Tree & Edible Acres linked above, then drew plans out – both a helpful and recreational activity – as a loose guide for modular air prune beds. Then I gathered materials for the build.

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Tree Based Livelihoods

It’s a great situation to be in to always have a need for more trees in an area. Imagine a farmer or forester, happy to enhance and be enhanced by more trees in their life system. Life in mutual benefit with life itself: net primary productivity, biodiversity, etc. (e.g. Biodiversity promotes primary productivity and growing season lengthening at the landscape scale Oehri et al. 2017).

Akiva Silver of Twisted Tree Farm – a regenerative tree nursery near Ithaca, NY – once said how despite growing thousands of trees, he feels bad to find himself turning down customers when sold out of trees. It’s a wonderful problem to have, wanting to grow more trees! So long as they’re able to grow – sadly worth noting considering environmental and economic degradation and deforestation.

Thankfully, trees beget trees in many ways! Supporting the propagation of future generations of trees; providing material for the propagation & other operations; regulating the environment to facilitate life; and facilitating regenerative culture in all our lives.

How can you integrate the right tree in the right place for the right reason in your life? Think beyond the tree itself. What end-goals can (and do) sustainable, regenerative tree systems satisfy? Some ideas from the 6 F’s forests offer: Food, Fiber, Fodder, Fuel, Farmaceuticals, and Fun.

  • Food (fats, carbs, dietary fiber, protein, mushrooms and micronutrients from tree crops and products; soil enhancement for other staple crops)
  • Fiber (paper, lumber)
  • Fodder (animal foods and wildlife)
  • Fuel (firewood, pellets, biomass and biochar)
  • Farmaceuticals (tree-based chemicals and medicines, wild grown medicines), fun (culture, recreation and wildlife).

Shiitake Emerging On Their Own: 1st Harvest from 1st Inoculation, and Next Steps

A year and a half later, mushrooms are popping out of logs here and there 😀
I’ve just begun ‘shocking’ a few logs in cold water overnight, which will lead to a lot more shiitakes soon. Something unique about shiitakes is their ability to have fruiting forced out of them with sudden changes in temperature, such as an ice bath. Over the next week, I expect they’ll produce all the mushrooms they can for now, and then they’ll go dormant for another couple of months (or over winter) before they can fruit again. After I see how this first batch of shocked logs goes, I’ll shock the rest of them (we did a couple dozen though I think some in one of the test locations got too dry to fruit).

For more on harvesting the first flush, check out the post “First Shocked Shiitakes, First Flushed Fruits!
Thanks 2
Forest to fruit
with a chipmunk to boot!
Trees for the birds nd flowers for the bees
Many a Wonder for you and for me
Wood, Wildlife, Water, Wange (Rangeland, as in land for livestock to live on symbiotically), Wecreation (Recreation)
Flourishing five Ecosystem $ervices like
Food, Fiber, Fuel, Fodder (Animal Feed), and Fun
I&I on the up&up, One Love growing under the Sun
Suited to succession, let inspiration teach a lesson in direction
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