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Universal Ox

In Hebrew, Aleph is the first letter and is associated with the wind element, the breath of life. The letter Aleph is heiroglyphic for Ox, a symbolism rooted in very early and surprisingly surviving language.

In Daoism, Ox is a common theme in many stories and teachings. Lao Tzu riding the ox, Chuang Tzu’s story of the effortless ox butcher, and the Ten Ox Herding Pictures.

These two themes, in Daoism and in Hebrew mysticism, both seem to express the same archetype related to wind, breath, effortless work, ‘the force’.

What is it about The 0x?

“Inner Fire” Poem

I like to learn
Something inside of me burns
It  yearns for life and longs for death
Like a freight train, right brain says to left brain “you complain too much, you’ve got to learn to love”
Left says to right, “Right, but we must find balance, for the day turns night.”
And like a flash of light, TRANSIT ION comes into site

I like to learn
Something inside of me churns
The world turns and the Sun races through Space
Who’s the winner?
Must be me as I enjoy a good dinner
Was it the dear as it enjoyed a good life? Or did all that disappear when its day turned night?

I like to learn
Weaving webs of Blue, Green, Red
Tredding lightly as in night I can’t see
I might get smacked by a tree, I might smack a tree
I might have to act a tree and just Be
The Tree of Life