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What will come of this?

Year 2222
200 winters away
How many generations will have passed?
What will I&I enjoy in life? What of one's own ways will continue?
What lessons will I&I have learned?
What challenges will I&I face?

What will I&I have of the essential gifts to sustain oneself? Wood, water, air, soil, energy?

#TreesAreTheAnswer #WeAlreadyKnow #Hózhó

Quantum-classical connections: a great article on entangelement and decoherence at larger scales than quantum particles

I found this article helpful for understanding decoherence, as the diffusion of quantum entangelement from the complex inter-relations of particles. Thus why my body cannot be in superposition, as it would decohere at the scale of a microbe, nonetheless at the scale of an organ or whole body.


Slow and steady thoughtstream

Lessons from sleight of hand and spirituality: take it slow, do it smooth.

Slow gives the appearance of smooth

Smooth gives the appearance of speed

Speed gives the appearance of magic

via paraphrasing from R.I. sleight of hand magician

Slowing down thoughts is one of the most effective methods for changing negative habits of thinking. As long as the mind is working furiously, it’s not possible to stop it; it’s not even possible to make a turn. But when you are able to see thoughts going by in single file, you can recognize them and say, ‘Hey, you’re no friend!’ You can choose not even to say hello to a negative thought, and its power to agitate you will be completely lost. This is how we learn not to identify ourselves with our thoughts, which means we have the power to pick and choose which thoughts to think.

via Eknath Easwaran, from chapter 9 of “Like a Thousand Suns,” vol. 2 of “The Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living

Sacred Bolts

I give thanks to the Source.

However gifted I am with what to be grateful for

It is not I, it is All,

All the synchronicities&harmonies

Enlightening ball, lightening bolt

Tree of Life right to auth

Like lightening and trees, the movement builds on thee through the four worlds, going with the light flow:

[Seed – Yod] ~ What was once unfathomable and nothing is becoming a clearer inspiration.

[Seedling – Heh] ~ What is longstanding inspiration becomes deeper imagination.

[Sapling – Vav] ~ What is mature imagination becomes firmer tendencies and formations.

[Tree of Life – Heh] ~ What is solid form becomes active life and actions for/of/with/by oneself.

PHIre cycling LVX: Life, Death, and Renewal

Balance Revisited En Route to Fall. Now Get Up!

Throwback to spring, an equinox equal-opposite with fall
Who knows what this will bring? Harvest, darkness, a returning of leaves to the soil
Leaves ran chi through a tree to, extend life, end up ripe, and go onward to become riper
HyperOM organic matter in the cypher
What’s the direction of succession? The momentum of the moment?
Never at the goal, what’s the fruit of your labor? On & on went [the song]

Connection to Place: In Time and Space (A Poem)

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
– Albert Einstein

What does that mean for the spaces we occupy, the places we visit time and time again?

One's connection to place is ever evolving, as is the place itself, 
in time and in space.
Rearranging. Exchanging, changing, ranging from your past to its future
And anew It that its future's to be, your past
Past "your" to I, & I move forward
In the place, the space,
The time, the rhyme,

The connection intersection
Selection interjection
Forward toward your One's Will
Still, as you revisit may be one will
Feel still connected, inner record
Being written anew, sew-n together (hopefully for the better)
Finding history alit א (alif) to me and you as we do, evolve together,
In the place, the space
The time, the rhyme

Revolving We, One with All the [] setter:
One Love