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Quantum-classical connections: a great article on entangelement and decoherence at larger scales than quantum particles

I found this article helpful for understanding decoherence, as the diffusion of quantum entangelement from the complex inter-relations of particles. Thus why my body cannot be in superposition, as it would decohere at the scale of a microbe, nonetheless at the scale of an organ or whole body.


Plants Passing Light Underground: Surface Sun, Subterranian Subconscious

Interesting science on how plants transmit light from surface into roots and out into otherwise-dark soil. Light triggers a cell, phytochrome, to produce a growth-guiding protein in plant leafs and shoots. This same type of cell exists in root tissue, and light received at the root tips via the plant’s light channeling fibers helps guide root growth via phytochrome.


Like plants, on the surface we receive sunlight and its archetypal analog, consciousness. Underground, at our roots, within us, we see that light reflected in elemental waters. The partner in polarity of the sunlight is the moonlight, as fire is to water, as consciousness is to subconsciousness.

“May peace be upon you.” Perhaps ‘you’ are the roots, and upon you the peace of a healthy plant. The plant too, or a human stewarding it, can be the ‘you’, and peace may be upon ’em too.

All is Mind

“THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”–The Kybalion, The Seven Hermetic Principles

“The Universe is Mental–held in the Mind of THE
ALL.”–The Kybalion, The Mental Universe

All creation is one person, one being, whose cells are connected to one another within a medium called consciousness.

Rabbi Lawrence Kushner, via Lights of Kabbalah

Scientific American recently published an article by Bernardo Kastrup about the mental universe, or information realism, titled “Physics Is Pointing Inexorably to Mind”. Information realism is, well, inherently hard to pin down. Basically it’s the idea that the only fundamentally real thing is information itself, and the author argues well that it isn’t information itself that’s so fundamental but the idea of information itself, since information is a concept that is abstract and not explicit in itself. This draws the author to an important conclusion:

At the bottom of the chain of physical reduction there are only elusive, phantasmal entities we label as “energy” and “fields”—abstract conceptual tools for describing nature, which themselves seem to lack any real, concrete essence.

The mental universe exists in mind but not in your personal mind alone. Instead, it is a transpersonal field of mentation that presents itself to us as physicality—with its concreteness, solidity and definiteness—once our personal mental processes interact with it through observation. This mental universe is what physics is leading us to, not the hand-waving word games of information realism.

This last paragraph of the article is what spurs me to note the similarity between “what physics is leading us to” and what Hermeticism and Alchemy have worked with for centuries, if not many millennia. Distilled in the opening of The Kybalion’s Chapter 5, “The Universe is Mental–held in the Mind of THE ALL.”

Treat one’s mind wisely with love, inside & out.

And with that and thanks to the Source, I offer a prayer:

Peace, peace, peace, One Love

Peace of Mind
Peace in speech
Peace for body
One is The
Love is All

Creation Myths of Science

“The creation myths of the various peoples and religions of the world pale when compared to the glory of the big bang. The three-billion-year history of life’s evolution from self-reproducing molecules to civilization contains twists and romances that cannot be matched by any myth or epic. There is also the poetic vision of space and time in relativity, the weird subatomic world of quantum mechanics … these wondrous stories of science all possess an irresistible attraction. Through the medium of science fiction, I seek only to create my own worlds using the power of imagination, and to make known the poetry of Nature in those worlds, to tell the romantic legends that have unfolded between Man and Universe.”
― Liu Cixin, The Three-Body Problem