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Elemental Organ Healing Exercise: Sounds, Visualizations, +++

I share the following lesson with much thanks, ultimately to the Source of All. This came to me as an introductory exercise. At the time I began practicing it, I also practiced basic soft qi’gong exercises daily, which you can learn at local workshops. However you integrate this practice into your life over time, be sure to stay grounded in the moments that makeup life: feel gravity, feel humility, enjoy and be thankful with the world. May peace be upon you.

The elements may be experienced in anything and direct awareness of such will allow for alchemical awareness and incredibly enhanced simplicity in all matters of life. The following is the element, the synonymous organ, color, and sound. The practice is to feel the individual organ, radiate the color, and vocalize the sound. You will understand the purpose after performing it.

Fire – Heart – Red – HAW
Air – Lungs – White – SSSS
Water – Kidneys – Blue – CHUY
Earth – Spleen – Yellow – CHUW
Ether – Liver – Green – SHHH

After feeling, visualizing, and vocalizing each of these you are to visualize each of the colors forming a ball of energy above your head. This ball will be black, or a dark light, and this dark light is the secret substance by which all things are a product of and is the key to all things. You will visualize your aurora as the colors of the five elements, and a second aurora above that which is that dark light. The dark light will find its way into your crown, at the top of your head, and into your brain.”

[The incorporation of the 6th element into this ritual is unnecessary; personally I practice it as instructed above, but I have been advised that, for most folks not coming from the Orient, the visualization of only the 5 colored aura to wrap up the ritual is more appropriate.]

“To briefly explain the elements (and by no means comprehensively but you’ll have to do the work of recognizing them yourself):

Fire – consumes, radiates, illuminates, destroys.
Air – carries other elements, change, the result of Fire & Water.
Water – flexibility, depth, fluidity.
Earth – grounding, the result of the other four elements combined.
Ether – that which holds all together. the OM if you will, sound, frequency, spirit, etc.

The passive elements, those subject to their surroundings, are water and earth.
The active elements, those which initiate change, are fire and air.

This may be observed in all things. Let me know how this goes for you.”

Kepheru Nu Ra – The Evolutions of Ra

I begin by giving thanks to the Source.

What follows are instructions for adorning the sun at each of its quarters following the spiritual currents of ancient Egypt. This is one of many techniques for adorning the Sun. Solar adorations have direct and subtle effects, perhaps most importantly for beginners is calibrating one’s many layers of mind, spirit, and body to Sol ☉ and renewal or building momentum of one’s spiritual ethos.

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Solve et Coagula of Self

Peace of MIND
Peace in SPEECH
Peace for BODY

One separates the three primes and other elemental components in order to better understand and work with the whole. With the three parts separated, one can address impurities in each and recombine in a more harmonious form.

Spiritual exercises such as the Daoist Organic Healing Tones or Qi’Gong involve attention, sound, and movement in overlapping and interacting ways. In practice, these components are worked on separately, forming a whole greater than the parts.

One Love

The Watery Way

Give evil nothing to oppose and it will disappear by itself

Lao Tzu

A very early lesson from various styles of kung fu and systema (Russian martial arts): best way to counter a punch is to not be in its way. All other moves stem from this, as one moves like water, finding the unobstructed way and using this momentum and gravity to progress toward better.

This also relates to the Daoist ethic of moving toward what is good and doing so simply, rather than living a complex life in aversion to what is bad.

Universal Ox

In Hebrew, Aleph is the first letter and is associated with the wind element, the breath of life. The letter Aleph is heiroglyphic for Ox, a symbolism rooted in very early and surprisingly surviving language.

In Daoism, Ox is a common theme in many stories and teachings. Lao Tzu riding the ox, Chuang Tzu’s story of the effortless ox butcher, and the Ten Ox Herding Pictures.

These two themes, in Daoism and in Hebrew mysticism, both seem to express the same archetype related to wind, breath, effortless work, ‘the force’.

What is it about The 0x?

A Prayer for the Food

Dear G-d, Source most high

We give thanks for The Present.

(And for the 5 senses through which we perceive All gifts.)

And Mother Earth, we give thanks for this food,

And for All the creatures who enable us to enjoy it.

May it help us to be healthy and well, in service to The All.

Said as grace before a meal. Culturally appropriate deity names may be substituted as needed.

When giving thanks for The Present, let attention settle on to the 5 elements expressed through one’s senses; let your mind relax into what you smell, hear, taste, see, and feel with all your ways of feeling.

When giving thanks to the Earth and all creatures involved in the food, be mindful of the supply chain – material, institutional, cultural – at the source of this meal.

When hoping for health, hope for holistic wellness for you, for those close to you, for those you most resonate with, for those you feel compassion for, and work to expand that sphere of compassion.

From Mind to World: Envisioning a Better World In Route to Building a Better World

In Ecosystem Restoration it has been taught to envision how a site could be improved. What does it look like for a degraded landscape to be restored? The act of imagining that and all the (thought) processes involved can be enriching.

This applies to different settings and scales as well. Self improvement can be seen as ‘ecosystem restoration’ in a sense. Ecosystems can teach us analogous lessons about oneself, as we are also a life system and embedded in the life systems. Restoration has a lot of overlap with regeneration and evolution/succession, and all of these processes can be present in one’s life. (More on my experience/thought on ecosystem restoration and oneself at Love what grows and elsewhere on this blog.)

The different scales of envisioning a better world are also related to one another. In some cases, I wonder if they’re related in any fractal way, with the patterns on one scale being replicated throughout other scales at different orders of magnitude. An important aspect of this is that the act of envisioning a better world on one scale can facilitate the actual building a better world on another scale.

To imagine a better world is a beautiful step toward a better world – only a step, but a step nonetheless.