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Tuning the Antenna

“There is a common misconception that the good things in life come from being in the right

place at the right time. In truth, everything that is good comes from being on the right channel with the right reception.

This is what the sages call z’chut—sometimes translated as “merit.” What it really means is a kind of fine-tuning of the soul.

How do you fine-tune the soul? You have three knobs: What you do, what you say and what you think. Adjust them carefully for static-clean reception.”

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

via http://facebook.lightsofkabbalah

With that, and the following observations at my station, I took a step back from Facebook, though I do appreciate some of its services as human networks are indeed wondrous! Wondrous in a way as to remind me of a quote dubiously said to be spoken by a king, “My magician’s have their heads in the highest heavens and their feet in the lowest hells!”

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From Mind to World: Envisioning a Better World In Route to Building a Better World

In Ecosystem Restoration it has been taught to envision how a site could be improved. What does it look like for a degraded landscape to be restored? The act of imagining that and all the (thought) processes involved can be enriching.

This applies to different settings and scales as well. Self improvement can be seen as ‘ecosystem restoration’ in a sense. Ecosystems can teach us analogous lessons about oneself, as we are also a life system and embedded in the life systems. Restoration has a lot of overlap with regeneration and evolution/succession, and all of these processes can be present in one’s life. (More on my experience/thought on ecosystem restoration and oneself at Love what grows and elsewhere on this blog.)

The different scales of envisioning a better world are also related to one another. In some cases, I wonder if they’re related in any fractal way, with the patterns on one scale being replicated throughout other scales at different orders of magnitude. An important aspect of this is that the act of envisioning a better world on one scale can facilitate the actual building a better world on another scale.

To imagine a better world is a beautiful step toward a better world – only a step, but a step nonetheless.

Exploring Solarpunk

The world is in need of more hopeful outlooks.

Exploring various links out of the extensive Solarpunk: a Reference Guide gives me a feel for a budding genre. The library of solarpunk content is relatively sparse yet inspiringly diverse. It is a genre that extends from books to fashion to video games. In being so sparse yet diverse, the genre may come off as spread thin or lacking direction, yet at the core of each connection between nodes there is a strong fiber.

What is that fiber? Having only glanced at its surface, it appears to me to be: the radically optimistic near-future vision of the world, shifted from ecological-exploitation to ecological-harmony, blooming with *regenerative lifestyles and landscapes*. This act of envisioning a better world reminds me of my related experiences/writings (From Mind to World: Envisioning a Better World In Route to Building a Better World), deeply appreciating the power of imagining better ways.

Perhaps it is not just a strong fiber, but a fiber which regenerates! And in that, I suspect, is the movements punky nature. May this genre plant seeds and this movement build soils. Continue reading →

cr0 – A Group (Lyrics & Instrumental, Rendition Not Recorded)

A group of musicians merges
Making the most of what each of them brings to the coast,
To float, to coast, to roast yet also to regenerate
1&1 fate come together
I & I makin moves with the weather
Of the crowd, of the loud, of the soft, of the
Group of musicians coming together
Makin the best of what each of them got to get off of their chest
Empty one cup just to fill another
Keepin’ the water cyclin’
Fixin’ Nitrogen like lightenin’
And so the music moves, to the grooves of the
Group of soils come together
Aggregated action as ecological agriculture gains traction
1 & 1 fate come together
I & I makin moves with the weather
Of the crowd, of the loud, of the soft, of the
Group of farmers come together
Trailin’ trees for the Golden Tether
Making the most of what each of them brings to the coast,
To float, to coast, to roast yet also to regenerate
A group of people emerges

channel change

Get psyched.
Start a revolution in yer own route; pitty the petty for their (sub)conscious penance
Focus on the tenants; who lives in YOUR house ? Toxic gick, obvious tricks, for-loops for coups ag’nst ye
*BOO* ghosts on the lost coast approach
you thought that was scary; floatin’ by, notin’ hopin’ for Babylon fallin’, you gonna help pick it up?
Shift it up: grab the fabric, put the awl in an’ escape!
Out like the vapors, makin’ discrete change like a caped crusador, one bad I at a time
Together we made Ur, together we engage agrikultur, together we hate darth vador (‘cept those who love’m)
K: Channel your anger: gyrate irate fate to dizziness, ferment inspiration to fizziness, SEEK LIFE LEST YE BE SACRIFICED to silliness
To the belly of the beast, to the burst of the bubble, to the bottom of the bank
Climb up to higher ground! Kick off, pick off, beware of luna-ticks off on their mission to spread their thought virus
Clear ye mind lest ye be fined
Clear ye mouth lest ye be found
Clear ye body lest ye be drowned in the downward trajectory of superfluous progress
Obsess over the turn-over: what comes next?
Get psyched for the game-over: what comes next?

The Ascension of Grape and Oneself

When grape juice is fermented, it dies to its old state and is reborn as Wine. Grape juice lives not very long before it putrefies and spoils. When through nature’s alchemy it is transmuted into wine, the newborn state of wine can live hundreds of years. Then when we use nature’s alchemy further and distill the wine, we separate out the Spirit of Wine as alcohol. This alcohol is now immortal as it lives for ever. Such analogies, similes and allegories when transposed inwardly help us understand our own three alchemical principles of body, soul and spirit. Yet the laboratory process of distillation granted us alcohol, which we use in tonics, tinctures and elixirs. Which products again help the spiritual alchemist understand his inner elixir of life. When I ascend the most fixed aspect of the life principle as the Salt of a herb or plant, I am volatilizing the salt and exalting it which will make a glorified elixir. A true alchemist can see through correspondence the similarity of inner work as the astral salt being elevated in one as a body of light.

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impending change

a kind of nervousness, an impending change
to doom or to flourish? a change in any case
an uneasiness, an excitement; nerves in any case
about to burst, about to fall, impending thirst, precariously balancing all
too much coffee? no, none at all
a heartsickness, a longing; is it here or is it far?
an embarrassment, a harassment; is it me or is it them?
this feeling wobbling like a wave, reminiscent of what saudade gave
the feeling of soaring

In Flux