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cr0 – Lines Out of Limbo (Beat: Pete Rock – Think Twice)

(please think twice – sucka MCs, please think twice
“you’d have to be crazy not to be crazy”, as for me?)

If I wasn’t talkin to trees, bugs I’d go crazy
Motherfuckers acting lazy or stacking shady funds nd guns nd
Piles of trash, no joke landfill leakin’ toxic yoke while blokes be blowin’ up motha’s mountains
what the fucks, and the cops?
Damn, I ain’t callin’em
Politicians? I ain’t stallin’em
Tryna get like complex numbers and off this line
New train of thought, new training newly taught
Know the names of those who aught to lead
Brotha I’m talking seas, I’m talkin birds and bees
I’m talkin’ lettin’ shit be and see how I can adjust
Like what the fucks, we gotta control every dial? Every worthwhile mile gotta be styled to our industry?
Fuck’um, styled to who’s liking?
Shuck’um, styled like lightening – in mutual benefit to all with one bad day
So you want beef? I’ll take it rare-ly
Rarely eating it if I don’t know where it grow
Rarely seeing it suffering or not in Hozho
I’m in it to mimic ecosystems, tried and true
Economics out of alignment with the physical? Dismiss’em
Or at least know they’ll dismiss you
Watch out – first principles comin’ through
So when bygones be bygones be strugglin’ to buy some bread
Kids and cats better know, better grow better ways ahead
Plant some trees
Eat some nuts, befriend some bees
What the fucks, what’s our priorities?
What’s the future you want to see?
While some drain they brain to complain or get you in a particular lane
I encourage you to bushwack, look back only for orientation
Trailblaze through the maze of crazed disharmony
Harming me, and you, and the whole zoo of this planet
But I gotta hand it to the motha, like no otha, forests provide
So when you turn on ya heat and engage what ya need to survive
Remember that: grocers hustle, forests grow, fossil fuels tucked in tight on the low
And there’s a time and place for every glow, but while the road gets rough I’m lookin’ for flames stayin’ lit through it all
Resilient – lifeboats ladders and lamps
I’m out, y’all can join me at nuttery camp gettin’ buttery with million year old champs growin above
and with it: peace, peace, peace, One Love

Saying Providence: Egg & Cheese Sammich

Every time I eat, I give some thought, “I give thanks to the Source, for the present, to mother Earth for all the creatures who enable me to enjoy this food.”

Sometimes it’s complex and inconvenient to know the source. There is always a source.

One beautiful thanksgiving for food I’ve learned of is ‘saying providence’ from indigenous and permaculture communities. At a potluck or any meal, take a moment to speak about and acknowledge with gratitude each ingredient you bring to the table. This has a few benefits obvious and subtle.

Sharing providence from my own meal, an egg and cheese sandwich. Years ago growing interest in self-sufficiency, I thought it would be great to have a 100% home-grown peanut butter & jelly sandwich. My perspective’s changed a bit, for one I’m more interested in community-scale sufficiency and ecological mutualism in food. For two, I’ve realized a 100% community-grown egg and cheese sandwich is way more feasible and is plenty good too! Not there yet, but getting closer:

This sandwich is a snow-day lunch I enjoyed with a little help from my friends (afar)! Most of the ingredients have something special to say about’em, and it’s nice to pay each ingredient some attention in any case. I give thanks:

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Recognizing Source: Indigenous Wisdom from Lyla June

These reflections are inspired by an interview with Lyla June at https://civileats.com/2019/11/07/the-native-musician-and-poet-revitalizing-indigenous-food-sovereignty

In my journey an important lesson is recognizing sources. As I eat, I consider what is the source of this that sustains me? I consider it and give thanks to it, whether it is nearby and wholesome or distant and complicated. The practice inspires spiritual exercise to have a greater capacity to consider that question, as a complete answer is ineffable. Giving thanks to the source does a lot of things, one of which is remind with humility that we too are a source.

Much thanks to Lyla June for the leadership and wisdom she shares. Truth, faith, compassion.

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Bushcraft and whispers of culture

I begin giving thanks to the source, to the indigenous people of the land I’m in, and to the indigenous people of the ancestry I’m from.

Lest we forget, forests can provide for all our basic needs as humans. It may not be easy but it is true, and tight knit nutrient cycles remind us of our arboreal foundations.

This guy (Primitive Technology channel on YouTube) and bushcraft have been a huge inspiration for me. Whether that inspiration shapeshifts into homesteading or what, I have it near and dear to my heart.

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Not Simple Reforestation, Complex Wild and Mutualistic Reforestation


Plantation vs. primary succession. Complex wilderness versus monoculture crop.

Natural reforestation is important. Necessary both for implementation to be possible and for it to be useful. Imagine managing 10 acres of meadow, how would you reforest it? The less fossil fuel involved, the cheaper and more localized and more resilient the solutions will inherently be though they may take more time, be less certain, and be more complex. The art of steering natural succession is the most great aspect of agroforestry I ever met, from the jungles of southern Mexico to the forest gardens in the Finger Lakes. Natural succession, the momentum of nature, and the management in the moment that makes it happen in mutualism with All.

Agroforest Example: Black Locust in Silvopasture

In this video is a beautiful and simple example of agroforestry’s mutually beneficial closed loops in action: black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia).

Black locust is grown in pasture to create a managed savanna known as silvopasture, one of 5 common agroforestry techniques.

Black locust has a few roles in the silvopasture system. It is part of the fabric of holistic grazing, wherein herds of large mammals rotate around partitioned areas, intensively grazing on each then moving on to let it regenerate growing more soil each time. To manage livestock, many fence posts are needed, and what better wood for fence posts than black locust?

Black locust is rot resistent and can grow quickly (3-4 ft/yr in NY). Its density and rot resistance makes it an excellent material for firewood or weatherproof construction including fence posts. While it grows it fixes nitrogen from air into plant-usable form in soil; it offers leaves with similar nutritional value as alfalfa for animals; it offers honeybees and humans sweet flowers; and it offers many other co-benefits of trees.


Music Festivals: Venusian Love and the Sol that Illuminates

Being in the zone
With a crowd full of friendly people, all sharing that zone
And a few celebrated people, conducting that zone

Moving the movement

Music can be medicine, and each time I enjoy the privilege of a healthy dose of it among good community, I’m moved to write
Amused, a muse I sight
LVX : light

Life comes with highs and lows. Nature does not seem to prefer happiness. Rather, it seems to prefer balanced connections and equanimity. This is like light: it is of dual nature in balance. May one be contagiously content, engaged in high and low moments with the momentum of peace.

Some key themes distilled from the wonders of quality music festivals enjoyed well:

  • Fire: Accelerated social dynamic, a sort of adventure and free-flowing novelty as is common with travel or engaging with plants and animals as a group
    • A ‘Third Place’ or community space where one can get together with others flexibly on common level ground
  • Earth: Respect, with a baseline akin to kin
  • Air: Openness, with a baseline akin to like-minded friends
  • Water: Contentedness, engaging in the vibrations of life with a heartwood of equanimity

How may these qualities be cultivated beyond the boundaries of music festivals?