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What will come of this?

Year 2222
200 winters away
How many generations will have passed?
What will I&I enjoy in life? What of one's own ways will continue?
What lessons will I&I have learned?
What challenges will I&I face?

What will I&I have of the essential gifts to sustain oneself? Wood, water, air, soil, energy?

#TreesAreTheAnswer #WeAlreadyKnow #Hózhó

A Vision of Renewal Amid Ignorance of Collapse

Societal collapse is underway in the U.S. yet ignored by many. Fossil fuels enable this ignorance while exacerbating the problems: propping up leaders en route to authoritarianism, oppressing far-away people, catalyzing capitalism’s promise of seamless resets with no reckoning of past costs while facing a future of unceasing growth.

Is America really collapsing? How would Americans know? Scientists might, as in Deep Adaptation. Survivors of past societal collapse might, as in the following two articles.

What is a vision of renewal? The Leap, a progressive campaign promoting the Green New Deal as a needed-transformative step that avoids eco-fascism or worse, offers this:

There is no future emergency for which we must prepare.

We are already here—with every dystopian element, every means of revolution. The horrific consequences of our time and its beautiful potential are unfolding everywhere. We are resisting the end of the world by proliferating new worlds. We are becoming ungovernable—unbeholden to their merciless law, their crumbling infrastructure, their vile economy, and their spiritually broken culture.

We violently stake a claim in happiness—that life resides in our material power, in our refusal to be managed, in our ability to inhabit the earth, in our care for each other, and in our encounters with all forms of life that share these ethical truths.


Rainwater of Remembering

I remember the persecution of European spirituality and earth-based ways of life, and with that I see the universally acceptable in the revolutionary founding of the USA.

I remember the massacring and grave injustices toward the original stewards of Turtle Island, and with that I see the universally scornful and hypocritical in the colonization of the land we call the Americas.

In the middle of these pillars of past memory, one may walk toward universal realization of the USA’s mantra, “liberty and justice for all.”

Mamwlad is Welsh for motherland. In this song, indigenous poet Lyla June sings about the conquering of the indigenous peoples of Europe, singing with loving forgiveness; truth and compassion; and forward-looking faith.

“Great grandmothers burned at the stake for holding the earth in their hands…persecuted…these were not evil people, these were Europe’s healers. They were healers.

This old heart of mine, it weeps away. This old heart of mine, it feels the pain, of all our ceremonies going up in flames. But feeling is healing and these tears are falling like rain…and this is why we remember their names…and this is why we wash away the pain. So let it rain on this land.

My mother’s medicine lives in the Earth. Rising from the ashes as we remember. I can hear her songs running through my veins, as my brother’s blow on embers of old bards’ stories. I will place my feet in the streams to mend the tattered edges of my father’s dreams. I will see past blood and I will remember the beauty, the beauty of a people before the conquerors came. I will not choose war, I will choose peace, and honor the ancestors that live inside of me.”

With the soil of our ancestors and the seeds of future generations, we can grow a present worth gifting.

Much thanks ?

Mulberry transplantin’ & snow storm dancin’

Planting rooted mulberry medium-softwood cutting that was collected in ~Spring 2018 and grown in water, on the heat mat and under a grow light at the indoor nursery. It’s the pot on the black table in the photo below, and it’ll be moved back to the indoor nursery for the winter. Yesterday, moved any trees that remained outside in pots, bringing them into the garage for the winter or at least until I can heel them in outside ’til planting elsewhere in Spring 2019. That’s the trees huddled together in pots on the floor. The weather’s taken a rapid turn toward winter, with nighttime temperatures below 30dF a few nights in a row, and a sudden 10″ of snow in a day!

The basement is around 40% humidity and a little over 50dF. That’s with 2 heat vents opening to the room left on; heating vents could be sealed off from that room but it gets very cold, and it’s below our bedroom and has some pipes so we want to keep some warmth in there. ~55dF might be too warm for the trees, preventing them from having a proper dormancy. I’m not sure about this – comment below if you know please! I hope to heel these trees in ASAP; they’ve been in pots for so long as I only moved to this more permanent location ~1 year ago.

Future Generations Confronting Us Now

A friend of mine shared Students Across Europe Excoriate World Leaders for Hiding Scientific Reality of Pending ‘Global Collapse’  along with the following urgent inquiry. Recently I’ve seen other friends post calls for change, queries for options, and cries of distress at the state of the world; ‘something in the air’. Below is their message and my reply, packaging some of my views for ‘public consumption’ in that branch my social network. Continue reading →

Exploring Solarpunk

The world is in need of more hopeful outlooks.

Exploring various links out of the extensive Solarpunk: a Reference Guide gives me a feel for a budding genre. The library of solarpunk content is relatively sparse yet inspiringly diverse. It is a genre that extends from books to fashion to video games. In being so sparse yet diverse, the genre may come off as spread thin or lacking direction, yet at the core of each connection between nodes there is a strong fiber.

What is that fiber? Having only glanced at its surface, it appears to me to be: the radically optimistic near-future vision of the world, shifted from ecological-exploitation to ecological-harmony, blooming with *regenerative lifestyles and landscapes*. This act of envisioning a better world reminds me of my related experiences/writings (From Mind to World: Envisioning a Better World In Route to Building a Better World), deeply appreciating the power of imagining better ways.

Perhaps it is not just a strong fiber, but a fiber which regenerates! And in that, I suspect, is the movements punky nature. May this genre plant seeds and this movement build soils. Continue reading →

Fixing agriculture with agroforestry and diverse agroecologies


“regenerative agriculture practices. Combined with reforestation, they could take most of the CO2 emissions which have been released in the last century out of the air again. We also believe that regenerative agriculture will play a key part in providing nutritious food to our ever growing human family.”

“Instead of vast monocultures, we should combine various species on one and the same field. When done right, the different plants support each other’s growth and dramatically reduce damage from pests. Intercropped fields have higher yields than monocultures without depending on chemical fertilizer or pesticides.” Diversity vertically and across the landscape provides resilience, hedging bets against things that can go wrong and for things that can go right with different species and processes.

success ion: be the change

In the USA and now in Brazil, we see powerful nations viscerally divided between elected officials. Objectively, neither is perfect. Subjectively, the opposing side is so bad it *must* be avoided. Sadly, the side which is the most outspokenly hateful and disregarding of universal human rights is in the lead. Continue reading →