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Immensely Rooted Webs of Wisdom

Love the way a forest floor is rich with roots. On a lawn or garden the roots you find are mostly of the plants proximate to them. In the woods, the soil is a fluff of organic matter and roots with nonspecific sources, almost impenetrable within its tightly woven softness. Roots everywhere, fibrous strands making up for lack of girth with their ubiquity.

I imagine this is akin to wizards (wise peoples): even if there is no apparent shoot (above ground plant), there’s likely a foundation full of fibrous roots. The source of those roots is effectively known yet ineffible: it’s from the trees! Sure, which one? It could hardly be said, and to declare it would neglect the interconnectedness of the root zone.

That said, is the wizard akin to a tree in that sense or to a forest? And how about the wizards woven through the world? An unseen sangha. שׁלום

Not Simple Reforestation, Complex Wild and Mutualistic Reforestation


Plantation vs. primary succession. Complex wilderness versus monoculture crop.

Natural reforestation is important. Necessary both for implementation to be possible and for it to be useful. Imagine managing 10 acres of meadow, how would you reforest it? The less fossil fuel involved, the cheaper and more localized and more resilient the solutions will inherently be though they may take more time, be less certain, and be more complex. The art of steering natural succession is the most great aspect of agroforestry I ever met, from the jungles of southern Mexico to the forest gardens in the Finger Lakes. Natural succession, the momentum of nature, and the management in the moment that makes it happen in mutualism with All.