What would the internet be without links? Even Google relies on links to find web pages, as without links a page stands alone like an uncharted island. Here are links to sites I appreciate and encourage others to explore if they fit your interests.


George Monbiot’s stark journalism


Alchemy Guild

Oinos Iakkhos

Wudang Taoist Wellness Academy

Ecological Living

Permaculture Principles


Deep Green Permaculture

Alchemical Nursery

ESF Edible Habitats

Forest Skills and Bushcraft

Wood Trekker

Primitive Technology on listening to Nature and its nature


Songs of Trees and the Unseen Forest:

Agroforestry and Permaculture Resources

Permaculture Apprentice and its highlights of Mark Shepard’s New Forest Farm, Grahm Schultz Versaland, and more

Edible Agroforestry guide

Edible Acres YouTube channel

Balkan Ecology Project – The Amazing Hazel – The Essential Guide to Everything you need to know about Hazels

Polycultures and Permaculture – Farm-scale Temperate Polycultures with Nut Trees in Ukraine and UC Davis:

Resources to avoid eating fossil fuels –

A video from the University of Missouri introducing forest farming and interviewing various forest farmers about how they make a living.

Connor Stedman’s Presentation on AgFo in the Northeast – Agroforestry in the Northeast Regenerative Design Through Perennial Agriculture – 2012-08-12-136-Agroforestry_in_the_Northeast.pdf

Videos in my post Acorn Acknowledgement; ‘Nuts as Staple Foods’ with Osker Brown; and More – for “The Creation of a Thousand Forests is in One Acorn.”

Specific agroforestry efforts: ecological living in the Midwest

Black Squirrel Farms creating opportunities for black walnut aggregation, processing, and distribution in NY, also running an iNaturalist black walnut campaign in NY

NYTCA tree crop co-op in NY, focused on farmers around CNY

Keystone Tree Crop Cooperative, focused on full-stack tree crops (growing, gathering, aggregating, processing, distributing) around eastern PA

Specific agroecology and co-op efforts:

New Roots for Refugees

On education, recommended by Sylvanaqua Farms for parents and youth educators:

Science Articles on Agroforestry and Related Topics:

Indigenous agroforestry strategies meeting farmers’ needs.  –;jsessionid=C0FCC2F22BF4E32C9BC8EB24F93B9D96

The Milpa Cycle and the Making of the Maya Forest Garden –

Rediscovery of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as Adaptive Management –

Matthews, S., Pease, S.M., Gordon, A.M. et al. Landowner perceptions and the adoption of agroforestry practices in southern Ontario, Canada. Agroforest Syst 21, 159–168 (1993).

Stanek, E.C., Lovell, S.T. & Reisner, A. Designing multifunctional woody polycultures according to landowner preferences in Central Illinois. Agroforest Syst 93, 2293–2311 (2019).

Lovell 2010: Multifunctional Urban Agriculture for Sustainable Land Use Planning in the United States

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