What this is about: work in progress. …

A work wide in scope yet singular in goal, for “Truth is One, its garments are many.”

Alchemy + Ecology

A definition of alchemy
An age-old mystery tradition: The Great Work of producing the Philosopher’s Stone, transmuting Lead to Gold.

A definition of ecology
The science of interconnections between organisms with one another and their environment.

According to Wikipedia, ecologists seek to explain:

  • Life processes, interactions and adaptations
  • The movement of materials and energy through living communities
  • The successional development of ecosystems, and
  • The abundance and distribution of organisms and biodiversity in the context of the environment.

According to Google dictionary, ecology’s origins are derived from “late 19th century (originally as oecology ): from Greek oikos ‘house’ + -logy.”

* * *

Mixing the art & science of (mystical) transmutations with the study of ecosystems, aiming to facilitate the Life of what is ecologically sound.

The work of living in ecologically sound ways, like any great work, is up to each one as an individual to perfect; like spirituality and the building of a temple, the work…is a matter of ‘to each, One’s own’ – though of course it all comes together. No more than 1 temple can occupy a particular space, and no more than 1 temple may face the Sun from a particular place. In this spirit, alchemecology takes the approach of polymaths – in a sense, innocence: to see the potential temple in every space. In this world there is an excess of separation, and so there is the need for this work of connecting dots and looking from many angles to better capture truth, see the center of the circle, and regenerate Beauty in the world.


Lessons of internal and external environmental growth reveal and complement each other.  The empirical sciences such as ecology are beginning to reveal the interconnectedness of life, and the hermeneutics of Alchemy can help integrate one’s awareness into this interconnectedness in ways science is tapping into and beyond. It is by the work of connecting dots that particles become galaxies, minerals come to life, and neighbors become communities. Solve et coagula – so it goes; the work of individuation & integration into the Wholeness/Holiness…

שלום עליכם

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