A Poem! Come! Look!
A title of a book
A mist of mistook looks
A hook
Getting got not for naught
For every one is worth something
That’s just how the numbers go – put them together, watch them grow!
And re(en)act with one: another!
0 glory 0 Mother 0 brother, 0ur Father
Who Art …

Drum heat fire light
Soiled hands and nature-based plans
From wilderness to wastelands and back again (goes the hue-mans)

Look! Come! Poem A!

Now on to Poem B
About the Plan to Build the Adytum & set our addendum in to into motion
Mote ion be the bygons, revolving around the world
Resolving to evolve, O joy be to the world
We treat the world as treats and toys
Yes you and I! We’re the world treated as treats and toys!
O joy to be enjoyed!
~ Ode to the decoy that has been deployed

Wake up wake up, it’s a shake up, shake up
One part gray cup, one part made up
Two parts water, one part mystery
10,000 becomes (5)4 becomes a holy trinity (simple as 1, 2, *

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