Tuning the Antenna

“There is a common misconception that the good things in life come from being in the right

place at the right time. In truth, everything that is good comes from being on the right channel with the right reception.

This is what the sages call z’chut—sometimes translated as “merit.” What it really means is a kind of fine-tuning of the soul.

How do you fine-tune the soul? You have three knobs: What you do, what you say and what you think. Adjust them carefully for static-clean reception.”

Rabbi Tzvi Freeman

via http://facebook.lightsofkabbalah

With that, and the following observations at my station, I took a step back from Facebook, though I do appreciate some of its services as human networks are indeed wondrous! Wondrous in a way as to remind me of a quote dubiously said to be spoken by a king, “My magician’s have their heads in the highest heavens and their feet in the lowest hells!”

The first heavy snow falls. In its chilling effect on the night, sound is dampened, while a little bit of light seems to go a longer way.

Where do the songbirds go? Where will the deer sleep? How will I stay warm, and what impact will that have on the rest of Spaceship Earth?

Many creatures will retreat, go dormant, dehydrate. Some will die, and some of their creations will carry on. Nutrient cycles, despite humanity’s best efforts to distort them, will slow on broad scales as if entire continents are in a state of relaxation. This period is an important precursor to future states of excitation. Why must we sleep? It can be hard to get up, so we’d do well to prepare ourselves for a better tomorrow today. Yet, today is all we have, so we best enjoy the process.

With that I step away from this neck of the world wide web woods. Find me more at https://alchemecology.com, get in contact [~].

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