Medicinal Miso Soup for the Sick

Broth (chicken or veggie) – 1/2 quart

Water (preferably spring) – 1/2 quart

Miso (preferably unpasteurized) – 2 hearty tablespoons (we used soy-based but the amount and type can vary, you can always add more or water it down, try going with less and adding to taste)

Black sesame seed – just a few sprinkles (try to chew these to get nutrients from them, very medicinal and tasty; if you don’t chew them, they’ll go right through ya!)

Salt – to taste

Apple cider vinegar (preferably unpasteurized) – just a splash

Wakame seaweed dehydrated – just a pinch added toward end of heating (this expands a lot, be careful not to put too much your first time trying!)

Wasabe – add this to taste once the soup is ready to eat (do a little at a time! this can make or break the recipe in giving it some spiciness)

Dulse seaweed – add this to taste (some people like a lot, some like a little, it doesn’t expand that much but the texture can be very dry at first or mushy when wet for a while)

Ginger – optional, could add a ~1cm3 node

In a medium pot mix the above ingredients except for the seaweed together and warm up to a simmer, no need to let it boil or get too hot. Cover pot and stir regularly. In the last 5 minutes, add the dried Wakame seaweed and let it rehydrate. It’s amazing how much it expands into flat seaweed leaves!

Once the soup is ready, pour bowls and add extra seasoning (dried dulse seaweed, wasabe, any additional salt or vinegar). Enjoy an earthy bowl of nutritious (potentially meat free) ocean goodness!

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