LoNo Computing: Crunching Logic Calcs with No or Low…Emergy?

LoNo Computing. LoNo (short for low-power no-power) Computing is the idea of building a computer that is extremely low power. It is the attempt, inspired by nature, to build efficient computers by harnessing the natural behavior of natural systems.

via https://charlesreid1.com/w/images/f/f1/LonoComputing.pdf

I discovered this while exploring another concept I recently discovered, Solarpunk. Solarpunk was first presented to me via Firefox’s Pocket webpage recommendation of Nine Sci-Fi Subgenres to Help You Understand the Future.

Computers powered by natural forces, using very little power. I found this fascinating at first, then recognized with more fascination than usual the wonder of our current computing technology: the laptop I type this on is labeled as 65W, and online searches suggest it probably uses more like 15W; this is a fraction of the ~100W human body. Water has many interesting properties, as does electromagnetism. I’m curious about how hydraulics, pneumatics, and electronics compare as computing mediums, but it seems likely electronics will continue advancing the forefront of computing, especially as it is 1) an underlying, fundamental force essential to the behavior of hydraulics and pneumatics; and 2) entangled in all sorts of quantum strangeness.

What do you think?