In various classes I encounter the importance of a mission statement. Goals, a shared ethic, a destination. Not that ‘the journey is the destination’ is not true but the destination is, well, a point of the journey, and the journey is lines connecting points (or even shapes – truly, the journey is important!) I digress. The idea of a unifying principle is gold in many circles.

Another common theme I’ve encountered is visionary exercises. From magic, as in ancient sciences with wizards and whatnot, to engineering; design; development; restoration: it is key to envision what it is you seek. What is the dream? What is the intended form of the site, or of oneself? Regardless of limitations, current constraints, obstacles in the way; how does it look in perfection? Then there are various ways to make good moves, but in general a key is to have a vision, to be on a mission.

In both the paragraphs above the importance of a central pillar is described. A sort of foundation, like a center serves as for all angles and arcs. It is the heartwood of every tree. What be thy mission?
To each one’s own but this common theme is part of following thy heart I think, and coming to know thy self. To each one’s own. . .to move the movement.

What do you think?