Vegetable Garden Update: Late Summer 2018

We got our garden started a little late this year, with house projects and whatnot taking our attention along the way. Since planting, the plants have been neglected a lot, though we did try to keep a decent watering routine during early/mid summer droughts (in July if I recall correctly). As we had fairly regular and heavy rain this past month, we’d let the plants do their thing, and they sure did!

We’ve harvested herbs and vegetables here and there over the past month or a little longer. In the table below I’ll list a rough approximation of the bounty we’re enjoying, sharing with others, and on occasion inevitably returning some to the Earth as compost.


Plant Apx. Amount Harvested
Tomato 1 cherry, 5 larger
Cucumber 5 (lost many to gofer and chipmunks or squirrels)
Kale 3 leafs (lost many to gofer)
Fennel 4 large bundles
Sage 2 bundles
Thyme 3 small bundles
Basil 2 large bundles
Parsley 1 large bundle
Shiitake 5 (pint-sized) boxes

What do you think?