Poem: 7 Letter Secret

By Fire, Nature is Perfectly Renewed

And there’s a cue – to open one’s heart, to get ever onward with the start…Now & for ever

Apply fire and follow the smoke higher
And close to the most high, I.N.R.I., tap into the bird’s eye
Seeing the wood go below, know and grow toward brighter days

Burn slow ground cover reset regen to another
Crop non-stop to get a purer picture
A steady flowing fixture of food flourishing
Floods reliable and reassuring
Resilience of ecology? Sure thing – keep moving
‘Cause the stagnant waters toxic,
And the disconnect from nature’s rhythms…noxious
And as for time as the topic,
Hop on the beat and rhyme of nature’s elite success-ion
Applying fire via atoms and elements, nutrients and sediment, inspiration heaven-sent
Optimizing success via sequence and sentience, nourishing settlements, for One and All: betterment

What do you think?