Shiitake Emerging On Their Own: 1st Harvest from 1st Inoculation, and Next Steps

A year and a half later, mushrooms are popping out of logs here and there 😀
I’ve just begun ‘shocking’ a few logs in cold water overnight, which will lead to a lot more shiitakes soon. Something unique about shiitakes is their ability to have fruiting forced out of them with sudden changes in temperature, such as an ice bath. Over the next week, I expect they’ll produce all the mushrooms they can for now, and then they’ll go dormant for another couple of months (or over winter) before they can fruit again. After I see how this first batch of shocked logs goes, I’ll shock the rest of them (we did a couple dozen though I think some in one of the test locations got too dry to fruit).
For more on harvesting the first flush, check out the post “First Shocked Shiitakes, First Flushed Fruits!
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