Breathing Earth

VITRIOL ~ visit the interior of the earth and rectifying you will find the hidden stone.

A kind of tai chi to compost confusion & chaos within you. Something like a guided meditation, and a versatile tool with practice.

“Recycling Gray Energy with the Earth”

In simplest form, feel gravity as you breathe. Breathe in and draw Earth element up through your body. Breathe out and feel Earth element sink through your body and toward Earth’s core. Give gravity attention.

I give thanks to the Source

Release breath
Breathe with 4 equal segments: in, hold, out, hold. Some call this 4-square breathing, and you can search and find further guidance about it.

When you are calm and not so distracted, at least after 4 cycles of square breathing, move your attention to your third eye chakra and begin sensing roots with the Earth.
Use your imagination to sense threads, roots, fibers that connect you with the Earth. They connect within one of your centers, near your naval. Feel their depth extending into the ground, through the layers of what is beneath you, rooted in the core of the Earth.

When you have some recognition of your connection with the Earth, begin reaching out to it for help, offering it what ails you. As you breathe in, sense gray energy, clouds, smoke, fluid, luminosity being gathered from all parts of you into your core near your naval. As you breathe out, sense that gray energy being transferred through the roots, out of you and into the Earth’s depths. Continue to breathe and let the gray energy be gathered and released from you through your connection with the Earth.

After a few breathing cycles of this, recognize the Earth’s great capacity for transformation in its phires. Sense how the debilitating gray energy is turned yellow in the furnaces of Earth’s depths. As you begin to inhale, sense this balanced, refreshing, grounded yellow energy moving up the roots and accumulating in your naval. As you exhale, spread this yellow energy, cloud, smoke, fluid, luminosity throughout your self. Continue to breathe and let the yellow energy be gathered and released into you from your connection with the Earth.

After a few breathing cycles of this, sense the roots fading into the void. Recognize that this imaginative phenomenon will no longer be present in the mundane world but it will be grounded within you. Calmly let it go and begin to sense the physical world around you. What do you hear, smell, see, feel, taste, and think? Connect with the world around you. Go forth and TRY.

May peace be upon you.

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