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“Something for a Saturday – Zero and Infinity

As soon as one is on the mystical path, it is neither logical nor rational to think that the existence of man is confined to a single passage on Earth.

As soon as intuition or inner experience, or some other kind of mental pressure, has led us to conceive of man as a being in evolution, a coherent explanation of existence is that man starts from Zero and journeys towards the Infinite. Indeed, as soon as there is evolution, what is the obstacle that could limit it before the stage of the Infinite?

The aim of my lessons and papers is twofold. Firstly to give the means to everyone to accelerate their own evolution, and secondly for people to obtain one of these contacts with the Infinite which alone reveal the true destiny of man.
It is obvious that man cannot move from Zero to Infinity during his earthly life, however long it may be. Also, if this life was the only human experience, differences in status and duration of life would lead one to doubt the fairness of the Creative Power. So, logically, we are led to admit the plurality of human experience, that this plurality is realized on Earth or elsewhere.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people believe in reincarnation. Some find that this doctrine explains and justifies the apparent injustices of this world, others think they have reminiscences of a distant past. But our position as a practitioner of an experimental mysticism is a little different from what is generally said about it.

We say that only the inner experience can reveal the nature of the various planes of existence that are different from earthly life. The inner experience cannot, by its very nature, be disclosed to others. The conclusions that result from inner experiences cannot be accepted by those who didn’t have them, but they can conceive of these experiences if they have faith towards the person relating said experiences.
Man has four main levels of consciousness, and conscious existence is possible in each level. Therefore evolutionary existence is not the exclusive privilege of life on earth.
The question facing many is: what is left from one existence to another or from one life experience to another? It is here that most explanations cease to be coherent. We have said that man has four levels of existence which can be summarized as:

– The earthly man, incarnated in the physical body, has a unitary level of consciousness during life on earth.
– Immediately above, the level of existence takes place in the astral body. Consciousness here is kind of triple, that is to say, while being single, it has three different levels of perception.

– One step above is the level of existence the Catholic religion designated as the “Glorious Body.” As in the level before, consciousness is singular, although on three more subtle levels, higher than the previous three.

– The fourth state of consciousness is also singular, or at least becomes so at this level. The space-time duality disappears and the Being returns to Eternity. Note that only the two extreme states of consciousness are unitary.

Understanding the following requires one to know that everything, every act, every thought, is engraved in the Archives of Nature. The Materia Prima, the Ultimate Essence, keeps track of everything for the duration of evolution. Warning: the Materia Prima performs a form of distillation, a splitting, so that every act, every action, is found in the Memories of Nature, but on 10 different levels. These ten levels are equivalent to the ten Sephiroth of the Qabala.
The consciousness of Earth has access to the 10 levels under certain conditions. The astral body has access to levels 9, 8, and 7. The Glorious Body reaches levels 6, 5, and 4. And the reintegrated Being reaches levels 3, 2, and 1 which, fuse into only one level upon the return to Eternity.

Any act, any work, engraves a trace in all 10 levels. This track is strongly etched to the extent where there is resonance with the level in question. Therefore, intellectual work will mainly be engraved in 9, alchemical or magical operations in 8, a true esoteric work in 6 or 5, etc. Only that which is engraved in 1, 2, or 3 counts towards reintegration. What is done in 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 is useful only for the duration of the path of evolution.

Now let’s look at what happens at death. The brain is then destroyed, the 10-9 transmission is no longer. In the disembodied man’s consciousness there remains only what was recorded in 9, 8, and 7. Thus, a materialist will have little because his work has been essentially etched in 10. But do not forget that if the engraving was made – in this case mainly 10 – it has nonetheless been made at all the levels. However, other levels have been less affected, especially the farther the level is from “level 10”.

So after his death, our materialist will possess no more in himself than what has been fixed in the consciousness levels from 9 to 1, in other words very little.
At each new birth, man inherits a virgin “level 10” that he must gradually form by contact with the physical world. Previous achievements are all that was created in his higher levels of consciousness. Memory of his physical past is only possible through consultation with the Archives of Nature.

It is even more complex because without special preparations man cannot avoid the second death in which the astral body is destroyed and, in this case levels 10, 9, 8 and 7 are then to be rebuilt anew. Restarting will take much longer in this case than for those for whom it is said, “they shall be marked with a white stone on the forehead so they do not know the second death.”

Some older occult writings say that every ten or twelve incarnations, man lives a solar incarnation that lasts a thousand years and also he remembers everything. This is probably a symbolic and veiled language. Said Solar incarnation is actually a life in which self-consciousness is on Tiphereth (level 6), the solar Sephira. At this level of consciousness, contact with the Archives of Nature is constant, which justifies the expression “we remember everything”. As for the duration of a thousand years, it reflects the feeling of duration on that level where time is very different from Earth time.

We are tempted to think that this kind of life takes place every 12 incarnations here and elsewhere, 12 being the number that ends each evolutionary phase.

Gradually, the self-consciousness of man on Earth extends to its solar system, then to the entire galaxy. Consciousness becomes universal. In this ascent to the Infinite consciousness, galactic stage is certainly one of the most important. This is when man realizes the true reality of man, that of Adam Kadmon, the Universal Man.


Posted by Mark Stavish on Saturday, July 21, 2018

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