in the fires of psychological sublimation

from dross to diamond

lost in the complexity
tossed back into the act of what’s next to me
“Hi, hello” I said to wholly know one
Chit chat, this and that, kicked back
To a new time stream – ya, ya, “living the dream”
Kicked off a new time stream
Fired a thought beam into the waters and
Followed a splash onto the sand
Trying to grasp it, dying to lapse it’s
Too low viscosity, too high velocity
An oddity, seemed to be, …you see I see
clear mind


fire all engines, sync phase for all blasters
if we’re gonna make these moves we gotta move on faster
started out coarse, followed course, led a horse to the water
contaminated the water, fated to start all over
but you gotta move forward to take a step back (how about that?)
you gotta move lower to make the attack (are we on track?)
check the vector
shake the conjecture
elevate the rhyme

What do you think?