Essential & atomic wholesomeness shared by plants and people: a poem

9:58 drop that bass

OD to electronics
conventional covalence cooperating
we’re all in this together
plants decant the connectivity
but does the connectivity disconnect us from the plants?

(inquiry to apathy)

artificial algorithms amalgamate anagrams of sameness
insane it’s
affinity to infinity unfolding I s’pose
the prose of a creature on its toes to see itself


mirror mirror on the wall
resonant relations or one’s bound to fall
bound to boundaries, ground to ground me, I look to the sky and say
Why, science says how
To grow
But science doesn’t show
To all

(the subject is the object of the subjective objective)

For the boundary conditions are the
Transmission submission decision
And the fine line between plant and patron
Is merely a matter of a listening

What do you think?