TRY – elements of surviving and perhaps even improving this crazy world

In the darker modes of the forest
Dreary and reminding of the precursors of death
I am guided by simple elements, that I may be guarded by them too

For dread easily distracts, and in fact it is only a few simple ingredients needed to be at least contented. When we’re far up and startled by the far down, we do well to find a common ground.

Fire to inspire, Earth to shelter
Water to wander wonders, Air to move too
Spirit to animate, as Earth is to space It is to time

On a cold and damp occasion each element may seem lacking. Each needs proper attention to be haven wholly. The fire is built and tended at a steady pace; the shelter is assembled, disassembled, reassembled, opened and closed and again; water is gathered, strained, purified; air is embraced and not left to waste. With all these elements in place, contented in our space, what are we to do with our time? I find

Having come from dreary to docile we move from idle to inspired, tinkering with each aspect of livelihood to enhance that which enhances us and remedy or leave aside that which would diminish us.


For in a complex world our content & contentedness is still made of these ingredients one way or the other. Like with one’s condition in the forest, there is an essential impact from the way one maintains warmth, shelter, water, food, and inspiration.

What do you think?