Imagine a world of wonder



a world of wonder

where friends and community members are the public servants we all occasionally need; therapists, counselors of all kinds, even police for relatively minor issues, with serious issues responded to by a force of law and order well trained in deescalation
where conflict is resolved as in a championship game of _________
and where reasonable design & decisions, along with just laws, guide us to minimal conflict in the first place

where problems are preferably solved with evolving perspectives rather than expanding equipment
where doctors and spiritual guides are one in the same, both aspiring for you to aspire and be well, and with a healthy system to help them help you
where medical prescriptions are more a matter of what ingredients you’ll be enjoying for the next couple of weeks than anything else
and where forests and gardens are called upon for to aid our health more than pharmacies or gadgets

where our snacks come from our window sills, our staple crops from plants that grow greater every year rather than having to be killed and (with increasing difficulty) renewed each year, and where meat is seasonal and from animals we live in peaceful harmony with rather than as slave masters of

where decentralization, regenerative designs, and scaled down systems make wars in resource rich places next to obsolete

where empathy enables one another to be fluid, flowing toward being the best one can be


what do these things mean? surely they are not perfect; how can they be improved?

Beats mes – the world is a web of complex adaptive systems.

Here’s hoping to see you in a world of renewed intention and more perfect priorities.
שלום שלום שלום, אהבה אחד

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