Straight Up

a rhythm & a rhyme to dig out of the mind
to find a sense of the bind, a well structured seal in the chaos of time
the way oz unfolds, the way a story’s told so it sounds different the next time you get around to it
the way a story’s written
the way the pistons are hitting *just right* to get us where we’re going
O but now & then the engine is groaning
just the pains of growing

rearrange the frames of owing & owning
we’re in a zone of knowing new world’s – oceans deep, where you are when you sleep
“Oh, I’m in bed”
“Oh, but what about the adventures that go on inside your head?”
time to wake up, wake up
it’s a shake up, shake up,
word is bond world is 1 and that’s straight up, straight up

What do you think?