Learning to Love Twilight: Ode to Death, Arisen with a feeling to decay distress

What a peaceful time with μ & place
And in that space in time, I find I’m faced with death
O the irony, iron me rusting ever more
For in the lightest times, in twilight’s color
A piece of all peaces – stillness, twinkle, and other
Sensations indescribable, unfathomable, yet bare and real
In the greatest of times in life, one faces the time of death. One wishes to capture a moment, for rapture, to ever last her
As one tries to record the minutes, the moments only move faster
Until it shatters
So be still
In accepting the time of death, the time of life is set free
No need to hang on to you and to me
Be and let be, see where one will go
It’s like water my dear friend, you must drink, and let it flow
~ cr0

~ just μ and just me
just some lights that I see
a dimming of a day, the darkness of a dog
the sound of study music, is it string or is it wind?
and the person who uses it
the aftermath of going in
to a warm heart(h)
after a cold winter
utter peace
yet can it be recorded?
time flies, so enjoy the sight as it goes by
’tis a rare bird, and yet an even greater sky
(even now, for ever now, it goes…
…’bye’, or as the Hebrew says, ‘שָׁלוֹם‘ (shalom – hello, goodbye, peace – peace – peace – One Love)
a feeling of high
the dealings of low
the reelings of life to come
the stealings of life haven past
’tis all lint in a pocket at the end of a day
a spark in a socket, persevering through first sun rays
‘It comes and it goes,’ says the wise fire
‘The most important thing is to let it flow.’ says its admirer

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