Well Reflections

Was water the original mirror?
Vice versa?

Taking a drink of water is like taking the time to reflect
Often we may be dehydrated, and much of the hunger we feel is actually satisfied by (and driven by the need for) quenching thirst.
When we don’t drink enough water and let ourselves become dehydrated, we are driven by hunger usually toward heavy things – the problem only grows worse!
No worries – it is never too late to exercise and quench one’s thirst…
(Which comes first?)
…For reflection?

Also, be care full what kind of water you drink… Some is nasty, contaminated with waste & decay & death. Some is purified, but with mainstream, potentially toxic chemicals from a centralized source! Some water comes ‘clean’ from a centralized source, but en route to one’s house leaky & dirty pipes, or petroleum particulates, may give it a funky flavor for one’s mind & body.
Thus, we see the beauty of a clean, fresh spring, and the value of a sincere individual in one’s reflection.

May one’s water be like a sincere individual healthy and well, and may one’s reflections be clean and fresh as a spring.

What do you think?