Elemental Story Suggestions

Select texts on analogs of the five classical elements. For a more extensive list of book recommendations, see the (Audio)Books page. Some examples of topics covered in this list:

Water: water resources, aquatic biology, subconscious and reception, health
Fire: energy, fuel, consciousness and action, will
Air: communication, meteorology, breathing, movement
Earth: physics, ecology, agriculture, shamanism
Essence: philosophy, alchemy, Hermeticism

- Drinking Water (by James Salzman)

- Simply Electrifying (by Craig R. Roach)

- Dirt: Erosion of Civlizations (by David R. Montgomery)
- Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers Of Creatures Great & Small (by Ted Andrews)

- Language Families of the World (by John McWhorter, The Great Courses)

- The Kybalion
- Secret of Secrets

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