Bird’s-eye forest garden view of Edible Acres 1/2-acre site

Awesome footage of Finger Lakes-based Edible Acres plant nursery and homestead:

@1:44 Cool contrast of the land cover texture at Edible Acres forest garden alongside neighboring sparsely-treed lawn. From sunshine to complex, interdependent and diverse self-regenerating life and succession.

I’m thankful to be helping out and learning at this permaculture place. Similar to Syracuse’s Rahma Edible Forest Snack Garden, this is progress toward potential place-making and resilience-building landscapes and lifestyles. It’s the closest I’ve come to the Mayan agroforestry I saw in Mexico, which is the most ecologically mutualistic livelihood I’ve encountered. Farming with nature, as in farmers (human and nonhuman) following nature’s lead through ever-evolving stages of succession and pulsing diversity.

Nature’s a gradient, and mutualism exists on a spectrum. Even little steps toward sufficiency and resiliency at appropriate scales can make important progress toward more reliable healthy days. In one’s context and communities: what accessible, nature-based, life-enhancing techniques can be applied; what adaptations and improvements can be made?

Edible Acres’ channel has lots of videos on related topics: diverse and low-input home-scale permaculture, soil creation, plant propagation, and forest gardening. Their nursery, and probably a local permaculture nursery near you, has plenty of powerful perennial plants to set toward a future that grows better and better. Try trees!

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