A Poem About the Music of Gnomes


via http://www.listeningearth.com/blog/gnomes-at-home-in-the-forests-of-sweden


Be grateful for all you have been through
For it is all a step toward what you are to become
Said Weeping Willow to the forest floor as 1 shed its last bud
To you and I what seems like months went by before Tree laid its limbs to the ground
To the limbs, ’twas merely a moment after what was said

To the ground, it had barely mustered a breath big enough to say farewell
By the time the tree fell
“Only time will tell”, said the foundation, only time will tell

And so began forest succession
Or was it an end? It’s hard to say as the spirits of it blend the day with the night
And something in the middle might be the right way to call it
It’s all it: progress toward the next best
And all the while, the before and after rest

Remember while in the garden of life,   Be Here Now!



And the forest birds sang;

Peace, Peace, Peace; One Love

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