Overcoming Drought – Recharge

We build sidewalks & impervious surfaces, concrete and asphalt, so far as we can
To help us move wherever we wish to go unimpeded.
If you look, you will see.
Nature sprouts between the lines and cracks
as if to give & create a gap
so the water can find a way
to enjoy more greenery in its day
and more time to live its fresh
Life before returning to the salty
Sea, as it would a life cut short
via our constructions of
Directly Connected Impervious Area,
carrying with it all the pollution it has accumulated
in its fresh life
(if only it had more fresh life to circulate;
infiltration into the inner Earth for filtration;

& we humans are not so different
from the water from which we are composed

For in a world predominantly water
Surely, the way of the water knows
the Way. ∵.

So take more breaks
between the hardships
Like a tree does breathing with water
Uplift ∴

What do you think?