Thanks to Two Wise Women: Dr. Robin Kimmerer and Lyla June

Much thanks Dr. Robin Kimmerer and Lyla June, and all the ones who enable y’all, for sharing wisdom and leadership, teachings and stories.

I share this recognition of Robin and Lyla as both are inspirations, guides, and spiritual company even if from a physical distance. I encourage folks to go receive the gifts offered by these two indigenous women, and reciprocate with the world. Weaving ways of knowing, their work conveys wisdom that can touch the hearts of people from many places and walks of life. As in conscious hip-hop, spiritual science, and animated plants – it’s good medicine.

We are fortunate to work alongside keepers of indigenous and feminine mind alive and glowing at this time when we in the world are separated- rather than connected-to-place, when human systems tend toward masculine and active and controlling rather than feminine and receptive and flowing. “It’s all about the balance”, the reciprocity, the unity. I learn and am inspired and encouraged by these two indigenous women’s bridge-building (as in Robin’s Braiding Sweetgrass weaving together scientific and indigenous ways of knowing, biology and culture) and strength in forgiveness and oneness (as in Lyla’s talks on nonviolence and indigenomics). The stories they share and ways they express are ladders of love, lighthouses of truth, lifeboats of forgiveness – I give thanks.

In the culture I grew in there’s the common saying of “Amen” אמן as an affirmation of truth and faith. Its translation is simple and a fitting prayer in gratitude for these people’s works and gifts: So be it!

A mentor once helped me recognize that, especially for the deepest gratitudes, the only sufficient thanks is embodiment. Here’s to the work.

Truth, faith, compassion. . .peace, peace, peace, One Love

Some of the gifts Robin and Lyla are offering broadly:

Lyla June

The People’s Knowledge album

A YouTube search of Lyla June brings up songs and talks by her. Longer presentations and interviews I’ve found tend to be woven with a mix of insightful discussion, inspiring poetry, and moving music of diverse genres. In this post’s comments I’ll share a bunch I’ve found that resonate with alchemy and ecology, strike deep chords of empathy and remembrance, and come to mind time and time again. I give thanks.

Robin Kimmerer

Braiding Sweetgrass book or audiobook narrated by Robin. The biological and cultural stories Robin shares are so clarifying, animating, and inspirational. Considering what book I’d recommend be read to help heal the world, this certainly comes to mind. I hope more people give thought, feeling, and action to the honorable harvest and its ripples in all relations, along with other lessons Robin shares. I give thanks.

With these wonderful works in mind, I plant trees and pray that they help convey the (re)generational teachings and traditions of good livelihood. Thanks and may peace be upon you.

What do you think?