Success & Succession

The Art of Listening and the Art of Interpretation manifests in Hermeneutics and Linguistic Mystics like Kabbalah et al. In English these exercises may be fruitfully explored & applied. Consider: what is the relationship between the words ‘success’ & ‘succession’?

One example of interpretation, which surely leads to further ones, is: Succession can be broken down into the first two and third syllable forming coherent words: success + ion.

When some of my ecologist and engineer peers were asked, the following (paraphrased) answers emerged:Succession leads to a highest, most evolved form of something, sometimes called success. When success is reached, it must be re-cycled and renewed. The form of success is turned to ashes and thus begins succession – onward!

Success takes on a positive or negative charge given that it is an outstanding or exceptional attribute (if reaching a mountain peak is success, success is only a small part of the journey). This is what creates success + ion, that success is akin to an ion (an atom that has taken on a net positive or negative charge). Succession is then the unfolding of success, possibly dissipating it into a stable state or unfolding into new successes.

What do you think?