Music Festivals: Venusian Love and the Sol that Illuminates

Being in the zone
With a crowd full of friendly people, all sharing that zone
And a few celebrated people, conducting that zone

Moving the movement

Music can be medicine, and each time I enjoy the privilege of a healthy dose of it among good community, I’m moved to write
Amused, a muse I sight
LVX : light

Life comes with highs and lows. Nature does not seem to prefer happiness. Rather, it seems to prefer balanced connections and equanimity. This is like light: it is of dual nature in balance. May one be contagiously content, engaged in high and low moments with the momentum of peace.

Some key themes distilled from the wonders of quality music festivals enjoyed well:

  • Fire: Accelerated social dynamic, a sort of adventure and free-flowing novelty as is common with travel or engaging with plants and animals as a group
    • A ‘Third Place’ or community space where one can get together with others flexibly on common level ground
  • Earth: Respect, with a baseline akin to kin
  • Air: Openness, with a baseline akin to like-minded friends
  • Water: Contentedness, engaging in the vibrations of life with a heartwood of equanimity

How may these qualities be cultivated beyond the boundaries of music festivals?

What do you think?