Refugees and the multifaceted need to adapt, toward mutually beneficial relationships

The following comment is in response to a CNN article shared on FB – Almost 40,000 children will be taken into federal custody this month, US border official says – and the issue of how many refugees have fled to Europe and how many displaced persons there are worldwide.

Northeastern USA is incredibly fortunate. Much of the world is currently or soon to be in harsh conditions. It is inevitable that people will seek refuge, so we’re best to learn how to handle the situation best.

What paths can lead us to the least total suffering? For all humans, for ourselves, for all creatures, to what end? Who knows, but we have to move forward what will grow; better ways toward better days, regenerating the arrays of what we need.

One high-level aim could be mutually beneficial solutions – what enables refuge and improves refuge? Concepts and practices of mutual aid has much more to say about that. Also, considering technological changes in our workforce, returning to nature-based livelihoods could make the most of human time, potential, opportunity. What activities, goods and services are likely to continue being generated by humans when computers take over? Crafts, art, farming, stewarding nature that sustains us – foundations! And it’s a good way to go in times of peace as well as chaos.

In any case, mitigate yes necessary, but in any case woah we better learn to adapt.

What do you think?