Connection to Place: In Time and Space (A Poem)

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.
– Albert Einstein

What does that mean for the spaces we occupy, the places we visit time and time again?

One's connection to place is ever evolving, as is the place itself, 
in time and in space.
Rearranging. Exchanging, changing, ranging from your past to its future
And anew It that its future's to be, your past
Past "your" to I, & I move forward
In the place, the space,
The time, the rhyme,

The connection intersection
Selection interjection
Forward toward your One's Will
Still, as you revisit may be one will
Feel still connected, inner record
Being written anew, sew-n together (hopefully for the better)
Finding history alit א (alif) to me and you as we do, evolve together,
In the place, the space
The time, the rhyme

Revolving We, One with All the [] setter:
One Love

What do you think?