Food Not Lawns – Reflections

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My take: embrace what nature has to offer, and (forest) garden

I was pretty amazed and psyched to hear a Cornell professor (Dr. David Wolfe) discuss the importance of gardening in one of his public lectures (it was either in Climate Change and the Future of Food or Gardening with a Mission – sorry I’m not sure which, watched them a while ago, but I’m sure I recommend them both!)

He pointed out that most farmers are not in a position to do the kind of continuous experimentation necessary for adaptive management in changing climate; trialing one or two new techniques is a challenge in itself. Gardeners on the other hand tend to trial new things every year, discovering what is working and what isn’t as our weather trends change year to year.

Another important point about gardening is all the ecosystem services it provides, not the least of which is provisioning. What did the land and labor look like that is involved in all the food in your fridge and cubbards? Is it something you can count on for provisions in time of peace as well as times of chaos? When industrial systems are strained, we need *victory gardens!*

What do you think?