E-Waste: The Role of IT Electronics in Permaculture

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“The problem is the solution”

‘Most of the world’s problems can be solved through gardening’

Electronics are an everyday part of life in much of the world. For many good reasons: electronics greatly increase our ability to access, store, transfer, and precisely act on information. Yet electronics also have severe dark sides, the most obvious being toxic electronic waste (“e-waste”) which trickles through our world economy until it is spread to us all by way of air, water, and reduced access/concentration of precious metals.

With that + and – in mind, what role do electronics have in permaculture? For the sake of consideration we need a more stable definition of permaculture, and in this case I’ll propose “regenerative lifestyles and landscapes” and “

Uses > Measurements > Scale of Measurements >

When is hyperlocal needed? When does specialization warrant centralization?

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