Mitigate globally, adapt locally

On Personal Ethics

What is the supply chain of my basic needs?

Nowadays for most humans daily life is a degrading grind of that which supports us at most basic – and also most absolute, transcendental – levels. Yet human life is not inherently this way. Humans are hard pressed not to have a significant impact on their environment; if at peace in the woods for long enough I’ll surely interact, intervene, interject something into the dynamics of the ecosystem. Will that human impact be good or bad? For what?

Well, what is one’s will?

On Direction as Part of the Whole

Mitigate and adapt to present problems.

To mitigate: Change one’s stance, one’s position, one’s approach. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Lead by example.

To adapt: Lead by example. Live in a way that can be truly sustained through nature’s changes. Engage in mutually beneficial relationships with the source of one’s well being.

What do you think?