Carbon Circuits

Related comments in response to someone doubting anthropogenic global warming and the importance of our effects on the carbon cycle:

I see both large-scale data from climate experts and see wackier weather in my own neck of the woods over the past 20yrs. Anthropogenic climate change or not, I’ve seen first hand that humans are degrading ecosystems we live in and/or rely on. Regardless of political agenda, we shouldn’t shit where we sleep.

That said, humanity is changing the carbon cycle, storing more carbon in the atmosphere; how is pottery made? concrete? steel? What happens to carbon atoms when gas goes from underground to our car’s engines? Or the natural gas as it goes from underground to our home furnaces and water heaters? Thus, I disagree with you saying “quit worrying about carbon”. Let’s actively store carbon in ways beneficial to us – trees, wood, soil – and not let it go haphazardly to oceans, where simple & advanced science experiments can show it is not helpful for us or most other organisms.

What do you think?