A Prayer for the Food

Dear G-d, Source most high

We give thanks for The Present.

(And for the 5 senses through which we perceive All gifts.)

And Mother Earth, we give thanks for this food,

And for All the creatures who enable us to enjoy it.

May it help us to be healthy and well, in service to The All.

Said as grace before a meal. Culturally appropriate deity names may be substituted as needed.

When giving thanks for The Present, let attention settle on to the 5 elements expressed through one’s senses; let your mind relax into what you smell, hear, taste, see, and feel with all your ways of feeling.

When giving thanks to the Earth and all creatures involved in the food, be mindful of the supply chain – material, institutional, cultural – at the source of this meal.

When hoping for health, hope for holistic wellness for you, for those close to you, for those you most resonate with, for those you feel compassion for, and work to expand that sphere of compassion.

What do you think?