Crazy ∨ Clarity of Chaos

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“You’d have to be crazy not to be crazy!”

What is the difference between a blurred vision and a belief, verses wisdom from within? Is it a fine line, does it rhyme, where’s it begin? Going in

To the point of insanity, some find great wisdom. Mystic seekers, mad(hu)mans, shamans sages stages of life. One’s environment within and without have a great effect on oneself. DO you have magic in your environment, without and within?

Is it a matter of sight? Night? Might? Right? Light? Fright? Plight? Bite? Off more than you can chi. Ratherly what have ye, is the clear vision of convention or conviction, contrition or constriction? “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, I thank you” I rank you O Hawaiian wisdom, offering a scion, a fission, a vision – for what else is it to truly give thanks? To listen deeply to the ranks? Of the Source, of the Course, from whence 1 came forths?

What do you think?