Introduction to this Web Log of One Ecological Farming Journey

Greetings world wide web!

I write this introductory post as foundation for all that will follow. An “about” page will be developed over time as the essence of this site does. As for the beginning, there is no particular one to the journey, but this website has started for a reason.

Over the past summer I worked in forests around New York City’s watershed and throughout that experience met a variety of helpful characters. One particularly encouraging person I’ll call M suggested that I record my journey because I am not the only person headed in the direction I am and as time goes on more would grow to follow.  We were in the mountains at the state’s Agroforestry Resource Center, discussing natural resource management, sustainability and wellness on a macro- and micro-cosmic level. We shared a little about where we’re at and where we’re headed. A bit of advice they shared is that it is helpful to keep track of and share how I arrived where I am and how my direction came to be – they, being more experienced than I, were able to share a more developed story of ‘where am I, how did I get here, where am I going’ and it was helpful to me.

Here I am, and here I go. I am not writing an auto-biography now to share my past, but I am starting this web log to keep track of and share my developments in regards to ecological farming. This web log (blog) will also serve as a sort of digital notebook of mine. For now I’ll share an abstract derived from developments of my own intent: I will farm (ecologically as best I can) for the sake of the surface and the soul of myself and my celestial home.

I am thankful to the help offered to me in the beautiful mountains of New York, and I am thankful to all those who have helped me get where I am, supporting me today, offering opportunities, and helping me move forward – first and foremost I give thanks to the Source, and lastly but not least to Earth beneath me. I hope my efforts will serve one and all growing toward better ways and better days.

שלום עליכם
May peace be upon you.

What do you think?