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On Divestment: Investire – Time for a Change of Clothing

I begin by giving thanks to the Source; to ecology & economy educators and to Divestment Movement activists, all of whom helped inspire and inform this post. Like all things, please, take this with a grain of salt; this is merely my own perspective, but I hope I may share a helpful one.

This Friday (02/13/2015) is ‘Global Divestment Day’ when groups of people and large institutions are teaming up to make a commitment to shift investments away from volatile fossil fuel companies and toward more prudent companies. I encourage folks to check out this movement, and if you are interested, show support moving the movement in your locale.

Broadening the scope and I think rightfully the audience and impact of the Global Divestment Day spirit: I encourage people to think of divestment beyond only a movement away from fossil fuels. Divestment, and specifically the unified hopefully-high-impact Global Divestment Day, is an invitation to march away from that which we hate: injustice in the environmental, social, and corporate-governmental (ESG) sectors. Simultaneously it is an invitation to move toward that which we love: low-risk, high-return, responsibility in the ESG sectors, and greater yet may we support those who innovate and regenerate those sectors to become better.
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On The 10,000 Vessels: One Thousand Separate Boards of Wood from One Hundred Trees of Ten Forest, Built to Be One Oceanic Temple

“I was trained in the natural sciences early on and thought they had all the answers to managing the land and that cultural answers to how we manage the land, that had been rooted in communities for centuries, were probably imperfect. Now, after spending time in many western communities, I see that a natural science that complements traditional land based knowledge is what we need. It is not one way of knowing the land or the other; it is how we bring [ways of knowing] together.”

via Gary Paul Nabhan
Ecologist, ethnobotanist, writer
Speaking on the importance of community in yielding benefits from sound land ethics; from the short film “Conservation around the Green Fire – Agriculture, Food, and Community

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