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Ron Finley Highlighting a Revolution: Guerrilla Gardening

The article The Next American Revolution Has Begun And This Is What It Looks Like, listed on Resilient Communities, features guerrilla gardener Ron Finley and his work in South Central Los Angelas, USA, where he grew up and now raises children of his own. The article emphasizes that significant change, a food-security revolution even, toward greater liberty and vitality is possible for individuals and communities, and that this change may be brought about by “decentralization of everything[, which] is the key to building a thriving local economy”. Ron Finley shares a similar message of localization (at least of food) and leads the article by example in the featured TED Talk which shows him working to regain “control over his food supply and health, while also setting his community on a path towards resilience and independence.”

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A House Out of Alignment: An Etymology of Consumer Economy

Our word “economy” comes from the ancient Greek word oikonomia, meaning “household management, thrift,”. Our word “consumption” was first used to define a disease that wasted the body, and comes from the Latin word “consumptio”, meaning “a using up, wasting,”. The roots of these words clearly show the roots of both our current economic and ecological problems. …