Monthly Archives: August 2012

“go with the flow”

in the cold of darkness, one seeks sun light
in the heat of day, one seeks cool shade

in times of rest and stagnancy, one seeks motion and growth
in times of motion and growth, one seeks rest and stagnancy

in the presence of the present on Earth, one seeks the Spirit
in the presence of the Spirit, one seeks the present on Earth
remember, be here now

Some 1&1 ones; Earthlinks – inhabitants of a self-sustaining, Solar-orbiting, Black-hole destined, evolutionary Space vessel.

Energetic phenomenon – we possess Light in a variety of forms, one of which being a variety of colors we see.

Moving through Karma and Time – we experience beauty, and suffering. We seek pleasure, and avoid pain. We Love, and we Hate. We are capable of transformation, and we have the potential to balance.

May the Force be with you, some one.