Ode to Cracks in the Sky

Crack – boom!
A tree falls and nobody hears it
Silence fills the room
Sky vs. Ground
Zeus vs. Typhon
Mind vs. Matter
Path vs. Pylon
attention, intention, the chicken and the egg
We have cultures full of stories, stories full of hierarchies
Yet some seem to wish the world were flat
We have alternative systems to redistribute power
Yet all the while Nature tells us that
Lightening strikes only on occasion, viscous and swift
Yet electricity always flows, neutral as it goes, until the bits shift
So mind the matter and the matters of mind, watch what you do with it
One way will flow, one way will grow, three way be the source of it

Truth – Tree

“Our word “true” is closely related to the word “tree”. They both grew from the same root in the ancient Proto-Indo-European word “deru”, which mean “oak”. In many languages the vast Indo-European family, the same roots have produced words that mean “strength” or “strong”. The related word “druid” sounds a bit like “true” and meant, “one who knows oaks”. A tree and the truth are both things of beauty. They are both strong; they hold up. The closer one looks at them, the more there is too see. Truth has deep roots in reality and reaches toward heaven. Truth, like good wood, has strong fiber that bear weight and hang together. Truth is beautiful and orderly when closely inspected under high resolution where falsehood quickly pixelates showing itself to be full of holes. What is true is real, and that is its advantage over a lie.”
– Will Bason on FB


The man with the clear head is the man who frees himself from those fantastic “ideas” and looks life in the face, realizes that everything in it is problematic, and feels himself lost. As this is the simple truth-that to live is to feel oneself lost-he who accepts it has already begun to find himself; to be on firm ground. Instinctively, as do the shipwrecked, he will look around for something to cling to, and that tragic, ruthless glance, absolutely sincere, because it is a question of his salvation, will cause him to bring order into the chaos of his life. These are the only genuine ideas; the ideas of the shipwrecked. All the rest is rhetoric, posturing, farce. He who does not really feel himself lost, is inexorably lost; that is to say, he never finds himself, never comes up against his own reality.’
– The Revolt of the Masses

Elemental observations in everyday life – from shamans and scientists

A mystical throwback* and a short essay update to modernize the ‘elementalism’. Thanks to the many sources and the one source.
(* The throwback is referring to a shared ‘Post from the Past’ which was presented on FB from 5 years ago today. That post is shared later on in this entry.)

The classical elements were concepts that helped our ancestors tap in to various ways of knowing – spiritual and ecological knowledge, as well as proto-scientific knowledge. Most folks reading this base their life, knowingly or not, on scientific ways of knowing. Science teaches us that ‘the elements’ are not simply Earth Wind Water Fire and Quintessence; there are chemical elements – unique atoms – and a whole weird world of particles and finer yet.

Are the ‘classical’ elements still useful, given our scientific progress? Continue reading →

Ode to Critical Thinking

post fact
totally wack
media madness, DC delirium
we all aught to take a step back before & after hearing’em

it was red vs. blue, then us vs. them
turns out the smallest shape has three sides, and if you don’t take a breath, there’s no time to realize
the world is vast, and all this scientific progress comes from skepticism
don’t let tunnel vision distract you from your mission

clean water
friendly food
healthy shelter
helpful medicine
good comm unity

red vs. blue – but the screen still needs the green to display
and us vs. them has one forgetting about the true way
the in between, the things unseen, Source most high, Kingdom down low
the alterations in the altercations
always there’s something to be facing that’ll have ya pacing instead of contemplating
since before 1984 there’s been history erasing
and rewriting
pursue the truth as fuel to keep you moving for your mission – whether enlightened or simply try’na living a good life in this neck of the nebulous
trust this

clean water
friendly food
healthy shelter
helpful medicine
good comm unity

embrace the objective
yet respect the subject


Space Odyssey
Odd to me (hard to see0
But also relief
Enabling subtle navigation
Final gravitation
Meetin’ with The
Supreme Being
~Carpe Diem~
⊙ How ƒreeing

Fossil Fuels and Standing Rock, or Reflections on ‘What would Sitting Bull do?’

“The Standing Rock protest camp represents that struggle for freedom and the future of a people. All of us. If I ask the question “What would Sitting Bull do?”—the answer is pretty clear. He would remind me what he said 150 years ago: “Let us put our minds together to see what kind of future we can make for our children.”
via https://t.co/tPNHihZ1p0
Some reflection:

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