Meal of Life

First comes hunger:
It is a burn driven by metabolism, a wonder of the physics of life.

Then we prepare our meal:
Ideally we plan and combine ingredients for substance and seasoning, we apply heat and motion, love and care, with the meal we have to eat depending on many factors and guided to at least some degree by our choices.

Then we eat:
For some the moments come and are taken only on the surface, like the anxious and careless creature who barely chews solid food being eaten.
For some the moments are precious and are taken deeply, with gratitude surrounding slow, careful bites.
For one there may be more complaints, for one there may be simple salvation in having food to eat at all.

In the end there must be digestion:
Those who chewed well will likely enjoy good digestion, having gut-flaura thriving to facilitate this process.
Those who ate for the sake of eating, or for less even than that, with little care and time to work through the food, will likely suffer bad digestion.

Ultimately, shit happens:
As it comes and goes, some grow well and some whither away.

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