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Space Odyssey
Odd to me (hard to see0
But also relief
Enabling subtle navigation
Final gravitation
Meetin’ with The
Supreme Being
~Carpe Diem~
⊙ How ƒreeing

Fossil Fuels and Standing Rock, or Reflections on ‘What would Sitting Bull do?’

“The Standing Rock protest camp represents that struggle for freedom and the future of a people. All of us. If I ask the question “What would Sitting Bull do?”—the answer is pretty clear. He would remind me what he said 150 years ago: “Let us put our minds together to see what kind of future we can make for our children.”
Some reflection:

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Indigenous * Technology

It’s interesting to find a lot of solutions for improving one’s life nowadays in seemingly opposite ends of a spectrum: modern technology (e.g. motors, computers) vs. indigenous ways (e.g. Traditional Ecological Knowledge). This is written with the will to transform the “vs.” to an “&”. The challenges of today are of a scale that calls for modern technology, yet are of a depth that calls for indigenous ways.
A couple of examples – by no means an exhaustive list – to clarify the importance of…

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Live Music

“In music, one doesn’t make the end of a composition the point…”
“We’ve thought of life by analogy with a journey, with a pilgrimage which had a serious purpose in the end, and the thing was to get to that end, success or whatever it is, heaven after you’re dead or something. But we miss the point… It’s a musical thing, and you’re supposed to sing or dance while the music is being played.”
– Alan Watts

Straight Up

a rhythm & a rhyme to dig out of the mind
to find a sense of the bind, a well structured seal in the chaos of time
the way oz unfolds, the way a story’s told so it sounds different the next time you get around to it
the way a story’s written
the way the pistons are hitting *just right* to get us where we’re going
O but now & then the engine is groaning
just the pains of growing

rearrange the frames of owing & owning
we’re in a zone of knowing new world’s – oceans deep, where you are when you sleep
“Oh, I’m in bed”
“Oh, but what about the adventures that go on inside your head?”
time to wake up, wake up
it’s a shake up, shake up,
word is bond world is 1 and that’s straight up, straight up

Aging and the Passing of Generations

Our human populous as the sea,
waves of time bring us through ups and downs
The fine matter contained within our ethereal, watery selves is transported
Each wave, as with each generation, moves toward the shore
‘Tis a journey of a lifetime
Eventually washing up its matter to dry in the Sun on the sand
With its watery self sinking and returning back to the ocean as undercurrent, in the darkness,
eclipsed by the younger generations, which trail behind those waves leading the way,
moving onward

Little Pieces So Wholly : Friction

It’s in the little moments

It’s in the grand schemes

In galaxies, as well as the life story of each sand grain,

It drives some insane, it keeps some in their lane, it leads some to abstain

Me? I’m learning to let it be


It’s in the finest times of my life

It’s in my biggest picture, and in every plot in between

I garden with it, I eat with it

I love the space it makes, I hate the spaces it makes

I am of the spaces it makes, and I’ll make a space too


“LIVE” it says, “I am on my way…”



Santa Muerte Blanca